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Onan Properties, LLC is a full-service real estate company that specializes in the investment and development of residential and commercial real estate in the state of New Jersey. We have completed numerous projects within different counties of New Jersey. It is through the various scopes of work these projects have required, from cosmetic modernization to gut renovations and additions to complete demolition and re-construction, that we have gained our extensive knowledge and expertise of the business, as well as networks of resources. 

We specialize in the purchase of:


  • Foreclosures

  • Bank owned properties & REOs

  • Pre-foreclosures and short sales

  • Estate sales

  • Bankruptcy sales

  • Vacant properties

  • Properties in major disrepair (structural issues,  fire damaged, water damaged, etc.)

  • Properties with environmental problems



We have the ability to purchase these types of properties in CASH, making our transactions FAST and HASSLE-FREE.

By converting these distressed properties into safe, functional and modern homes, our company creates win-win situations for all those parties involved: sellers, buyers, townships, and not to mention investors.  We pride ourselves on building beautiful homes for families to enjoy and relieving the stress that these types of properties cause their owners, neighbors and townships; all this while satisfying investors with high returns. 

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